Supplements to help alleviate tear stains

Remember when your snow-white Maltese [] looked so cute! Now her fur near her eyes are covered with brown and red stains. I'm sure you feel that your dog would look even cuter without those stains! Luckily there is a way to help diminish the look of those ugly stains.

Tear stain supplements are sold online and in some pet retail stores. The best product options are those that can visibly reduce the look of brown or red stains in 2-3 weeks. Products that do not contain Tylosin are considered some of the best products on the market as well. To learn more about Tylosin, please visit an alternative information webpage.

Supplements for dogs with under eye stains should contain 100% natural ingredients and have no known side effects linked to them. Research has shown that these products are effective towards  under eye stains and do not promote negative side effects.

When purchasing a supplement for dogs, you will need to purchase a product that fits your budget. Products that retail for less than $50 are affordable compared to those that cost more than $50. If you find a purchase special like Buy 2, Get 1 Free Specials, then you can  save additional money on your purchase. To see the latest options for dog who have tear stains on their facial area, please refer to websites like for a list of products for dogs.

Before using a supplement for tear stains on your dog, you must first understand why the stains have developed. To learn more about dog tear stains, please read the information below.

Irritation near your dogs eyes can results when tears continue to buildup , but do not drain properly. The more your dogs eyes tend to water, the more likely it is for them to product stains.

What promotes eyes to tear in dogs: eyelashes, inwards facing eyelids, shallow eye sockets, or clogged tear ducts. These are considered problems that can lead to chronic tearing. The best way to manage the look of a tear stain is with a supplement that is marketed for tears and the hair under the eyes.