How to relieve a gout flare up

Gout is a painful type of arthritis that affects the joints. When uric acid levels begin to rise to high in the bloodstream and does not excrete the body, it can promote the formation of uric acid crystals. These crystals can promote negative symptoms like pain, swelling, and inflammation. These are typically signs that happen when a gout attack occurs.

Before an attack occurs, a flare up takes place. This is typically when heat and tingling sensations build up in the joints. This alerts individuals that pain and other negative side effects are going to occur.

The search term " how to relieve a gout flare up" is used frequently by those who are looking for ways to reduce symptoms of gout. If you have experienced a gout attack, then you are constantly looking for ways to avoid another one.

Most of us think that the only options that can effectively address symptoms of gout is a treatment. Although several gout treatment options have been shown to offer relief-treatments are considered drugs based on their ingredients. This means they are only prescribed by a doctor. Most of us hate doctor visits and follow ups. Luckily there is an alternative.

If you want to manage gout flare ups you should consider:
1. Eating foods with low purine levels as detailed:
2. Keep your body hydrated
3.  Reduce consumption of alcohol
4. Control your weight and exercise
5. Eat chocolate or drink coffee

The information above is a few home remedy options that can help improve symptoms of gout and flare ups. When using home remedies, you can also use a gout supplement to manage symptoms of gout. These are dietary options that do not require a prescription. To learn more about at home remedies and dietary options for gout, please visit

The best way to help flush the body of uric acid is by consuming water. It is recommended to consume at least 8- ounce cups of water one a daily basis in order to limit the buildup of uric acid. Also eating berries and other foods low in purines can help reduce gout symptoms. Click on this link to learn more about foods with high purine levels.